A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

Steve DiGiorgio talks about Death’s Human album

I came across this last night after I’d started writing about Dominic Lapointe (which I still have to finish). Its a thread on UltimateMetal.com in Steve DiGiogrio‘s forum in which he opens up and gives the history of how his bass playing was drowned out of the mix on Death‘s Human (1991). I’ve been listening to the 20th anniversary remastered release for a while now and love it. Steve’s bass is much more audible in the remixed tracks and there’s a bonus CD with drum and bass tracks for all of the songs on the album (3-CD set).

Anyhow, this is probably old news for some of you, as its from the end of October in 2006, but it was new and insightful to me. Steve posts under the name HippieOfDoom on the forums. In his response in the thread, he goes over background during the recording, what he had hoped to accomplish on bass and his reaction to the final mix. Its interesting to see both his thought process and his intent. I really like his overall stance on doing what’s right and being relevant.

Here are links to the thread and Steve’s response:

Here’s one of the drum & bass tracks from the 2011 reissue of Human:

Death – Suicide Machine (drum & bass track)


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