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Major Scale Pattern 2 vs. Minor Scale Pattern

I’m a daddy. Ella is 8 weeks old as of today… its a little odd, mathematically to me, that we’ll have to wait 5 more days until she’s 2 months though. Anyway…

I was looking at the last few posts that I wrote this AM, in between client calls – Ella is with her grandparents right now, so I actually have a few minutes. When I had last put finger to keyboard (and on my bass) I was going over major triads using the 2nd major scale pattern that I had learned.

I was thinking about this for a minute, and then something clicked: the 2nd major scale pattern that I learned has a lot more in common with the minor scale pattern than the 1st major scale pattern that I learned does. Visualizing them together made me really begin to understand the differences in how each is structured, in relation to the other.