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…And Justice For Jason

I just came across this via a post on TalkBass. Its basically a version of Metallica‘s “…And Justice For All” album with the bass parts enhanced so listeners can actually hear it. I haven’t listened to the original in years – at least a decade – but its interesting to hear this after so much time without the now-completely-evident bass in the mix.

…And Justice For Jason

[edit 03.25.2015] So here’s why “…And Justice for Jason” has been getting so much attention today:


50 Bass Intros (One Take Medley) (Play Along Tabs In Video)

I came across this fun video on Youtube about an hour ago while waiting for some edits from work to get finalized.

50 Bass Intros (One Take Medley) (Play Along Tabs In Video)

The creator of the video goes through the intros of 50 songs, one after another, in about 6 1/2 mins. Here’s his playlist and some notes:

Intro List With Tips And Comments:


TalkingBass website & Youtube page

Mark Smith, of TalkingBass.net has a fantastic Youtube page loaded with lessons he created covering theory, technique and more. Here’s a link to the page and an index of his amazing video lessons:

The same lessons are on the TalkingBass website, and many have PDF notes to go with the videos:

Music Theory For Bass


Carol Kaye: Session Legend Interview

I came across this fascinating video interview with Carol Kaye two nights ago. She goes into a lot of history about her work, her start and her feelings on music. She also spoke about chords vs. scales again – something that I first saw her do a few years ago in another interview.

Carol Kaye: Session Legend Interview

Here’s a list of the chapters, or questions asked, in the video:


Billy Sheehan, Rex Brown, Frank Bello, and David Ellefson at Bass Player LIVE! 2013

I came across this post on Talkbass a few weeks ago but haven’t had a chance to blog about it until now. Its an hour-long talk with Billy Sheehan (Talas, Mr. Big, Steve Vai), Rex Brown (Pantera), Frank Bello (Anthrax) & David Ellefson  (Megadeth) from Bass Player Live 2013. I’m really impressed with Billy and David’s remarks, in particular – and also with how articulate David is.

Its interesting to note – Geezer Butler wrote the lyrics for a lot of Black Sabbath songs. I never knew that (and neither did Billy Sheehan)!

Billy Sheehan, Rex Brown, Frank Bello, and David Ellefson at Bass Player LIVE! 2013