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Flexing muscles long unused

The Road to Nowhere…

Its been a while since I posted, and its been even longer since I last practiced. Until today, I don’t think I’ve touched my basses since sometime in December. Things have heated up a lot at home and at work, and my learning to play has suffered for it… there’s give and take, like so much in life and I’m hoping to be able to take more time again to dedicate to practice.

Work has gotten insane recently. I work six days a week:  Sunday – Friday. Its been this way for 8 years. Next month will make it 9 years for me at my current company, and its beginning to pay off. We’re gaining traction in the industry. Our main product is a clinical electronic medical record (EMR) program for nursing homes which I’ve been presenting to potential clients more as of late, and the maturity of our design is beginning to turn heads away from all the flash-in-the-pan companies with governmental backing and political ties that have surfaced in the past few years (I don’t want to get into the corruption chat, but its a dirty business wherever Medicare & Medicaid dollars come into play – we keep our heads out of that nonsense).