A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

A List of Unusual Scales

Its about 7:30 AM. I ran Wifey and one of her former co-workers from the Metropolitan Museum to Kennedy Airport this morning. They’re headed to Chicago for this pop-culture symposium that they go to and will return on Friday night. This means, I’m going to be changing more diapers than usual for the next few days. Lets see what interesting music-related stuff they come back with to make me feel better.

Andrulian added a great post on his blog with a chart of interesting scales that he’s picked up over time. He shows the scale degrees, based on the Major scale as well as giving the formula for each, in the form of intervals. I have to link to it, because I find this kind of stuff fascinating. There are a bunch of pentatonic scales – a long time ago, I read that pentatonic scales are the most common type in the world – particularly amongst indigenous people. His chart shows at least 7 of them.


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