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Death – Lack of Comprehension Fretless Bass Cover

I came across this Canadian bass player covering In Human Form from Death via Bass Musician Magazine on Facebook about an hour ago. At the time of the vid, she’d been playing for about 2 years. Intrigued, I looked at her channel, and, lo and behold – Lack of Comprehension – my favorite Death song! Not only does she do an amazing job – she had only been playing for 1.5 years when she did it! Someone’s doing something right, and it isn’t me…

Here’s Ana Dujakovic, apparently from Serbia/Croatia and now residing in Canada and blowing my mind at how much can be accomplished with enough sweat and a healthy appreciation for Steve DiGiorgio.

Death – Lack of Comprehension Fretless Bass Cover



Ed Friedland has a Youtube page?!

So… #1 – its been 6 months since I last posted, and probably about that long since I last practiced regularly. I’ve basically let work and the baby completely consume my time… which is what’s needed right now.

#2 – I hopped onto Talkbass a few minutes ago because my side of the bed has been compromised since about 5 AM by a 16-month old that I didn’t want to wake by moving. Looking on this thread: The Hal Leonard Bass Method Thread revealed something to me that I really should have looked for years ago – Ed Friedland has a Youtube channel! Here it is. I’ll be exploring it a little and sneaking in some long, long overdue practice.

Happy 2014.