A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

Scott Clendenin (bassist for Death and Control Denied)

Scott Clendenin just passed. He was 47 years old. I just came across that unexpected bit of news on the My Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Thoughts blog. Sadly, Google confirmed it on a bunch of the usual metal sites – Metal Injection, Blabbermouth, Loudwire, Metal Sucks, and the rest. The cause of death isn’t stated, but he’s up there with Chuck Schuldiner now. Here’s the Blabbermouth article:

Scott played bass on Death‘s last album, The Sound of Perseverance back in 1998. He apparently also played acoustic guitar on Voice of the Soul, the instrumental piece on the album. My wife loves that song so much that she made it her ringtone about a year ago. I remember her calling me from work to talk about how much she was impressed with it the first time she heard it – she had it on repeat almost that entire day.

Death – Voice of the Soul (Live in San Francisco) 6/22/12 Death To All 2012 HD

I don’t have an analysis of his playing style – I’m not versed enough to attempt my own just yet – and there isn’t much about his history available online. All I really have is The Sound of Perseverance, which we listened to quite a bit, years ago – and the shirt for the album that wifey got for me years ago that I make a point to wear to most of the birthday parties we go to as a reminder of mortality. Its funny how my nieces and nephews look at it as almost a birthday uniform after all this time.

Death – Spirit Crusher – Live in Eindhoven ’98 – 720p HD

Here’s an interview with him from a Death tribute site – I think the bloggers are Brazilian, so their English isn’t always perfect:

Scott Clendenin

Scott Clendenin

Here’s the remaster of The Sound of Perseverance on Youtube.

R.I.P. Scott and Chuck


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