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(Last updated on April 16, 2015)

BB_WordpressBASS BLOGS is a Facebook group dedicated to sharing posts from bloggers who write about music and bass. If you write a blog that focuses on bass or music theory, join the group and share your own content – even older posts, if you think they’re relevant.

The following blogs contribute material to the group – which anyone with an interest in bass and music theory is encouraged to join:

12tonemusic 12tonemusic
Mike Overly is a Grammy-nominated music educator who produces the cable TV show Guitar Forum 2.0 and writes for Guitar Digest magazine. He also created the Tone Note Music Method for guitar and bass.
alpof alpof (the home of Alexandre Popoff)
Alexandre Popoff writes from Paris. His blog, alpof, is highly theoretical and as his byline says, delves into music, math, science and sometimes legos.
Bass_Guitar_Instruction_Studio Bass Guitar Instruction Studio
Dwight Mabe has been teaching bass since 1980 and runs Bass Guitar Instruction Studio. His blog speaks to student experiences, equipment experiments, includes exercises and a broad scope of practical advice.
Bass_Ramblings Bass Ramblings
Stanton Lawrence writes Bass Ramblings, which initially focused on his journey through Roy Vogt’s Teach Me Bass Guitar lessons and now includes practice updates, equipment reviews and other bass-centric posts.
Christopher_Hopper Christopher Hopper: My Life in Music
Christopher Hopper is a guitarist and bassist who has been learning and playing since the early 70’s. His blog centers on life experiences as a musician, from practice and schooling to performance, band dissolution, psychology, health and getting paid.
cocos_basement Coco’s Basement
Colin Cunningham, from Scotland, runs Coco’s Basement, which he bills as the home of free online bass lessons and transcriptions.
Free_Bass_Transcriptions Free Bass Transcriptions
Tom Kenrick is a London-based bassist who writes Free Bass Transcriptions. He teaches, posts play-alongs and of course – transcriptions. Don’t miss his great “Groove of the Week” posts!
God_Lipgloss_and_Meat God, Lipgloss and Meat
Larry Marotta was an active in the experimental, noise, and punk rock scenes. After earning his degree in philosophy, he established himself as a guitarist with jazz, rock, and and experimental music groups and now composes for film.
Grrl_Plus_Guitar Grrl + Guitar
Shelby Stronger writes Grrl + Guitar. Her blog documents her experiences learning bass, guitar and ukulele at the same time, along with craft experiences like restoring instruments and random incursions by her cats.
Wonder_of_Sound Music Notes from Wonder of Sound
Dr. Daniel Kobialka & Dr. Lilly B. Gardner both write Music Notes from Wonder of Sound. Its a fascinating blog dealing with more than just music theory. Postings delve into how music affects health, psychology, performance, film, driving and an extremely diverse range of music-related topics.
ontheshelves ontheshelves
Joan Singh is a librarian and anthropology student who writes ontheshelves, a blog about librarianship that also delves into motherhood, feminism and music – especially the analysis of women in extreme metal
Phill_Court Phill Court Music
Phillip Court is a professional bass player, composer and music educator. His blog includes equipment reviews, anecdotes from gigging and from teaching students and other thoughts from being a professional musician.
bluejay Silvia Bluejay
Silvia Bluejay started playing bass later in life and writes not one, but two bass/music-related sites and heads social media & PR for Basschat, which is essentially the Talkbass of Europe. She also writes a monthly column for Bass Guitar Magazine.

So_I_Married_A_Bass_Player So I Married a Bass Player
Piera Fraser Pincock runs So I Married a Bass Player. However, she’s ALSO a bass player, academic, and works at a music store! Her posts deal with life experiences and philosophical questions around music and bass.
Ugly_Bass_Face Ugly Bass Face
Ugly Bass Face is run by me – Vish Singh. Its a beginner’s bass and music theory blog written by an actual beginner. Someday, I’ll be intermediate.

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