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Scott Clendenin (bassist for Death and Control Denied)

Scott Clendenin just passed. He was 47 years old. I just came across that unexpected bit of news on the My Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Thoughts blog. Sadly, Google confirmed it on a bunch of the usual metal sites – Metal Injection, Blabbermouth, Loudwire, Metal Sucks, and the rest. The cause of death isn’t stated, but he’s up there with Chuck Schuldiner now. Here’s the Blabbermouth article:

Scott played bass on Death‘s last album, The Sound of Perseverance back in 1998. He apparently also played acoustic guitar on Voice of the Soul, the instrumental piece on the album. My wife loves that song so much that she made it her ringtone about a year ago. I remember her calling me from work to talk about how much she was impressed with it the first time she heard it – she had it on repeat almost that entire day.

Death – Voice of the Soul (Live in San Francisco) 6/22/12 Death To All 2012 HD

I don’t have an analysis of his playing style – I’m not versed enough to attempt my own just yet – and there isn’t much about his history available online. All I really have is The Sound of Perseverance, which we listened to quite a bit, years ago – and the shirt for the album that wifey got for me years ago that I make a point to wear to most of the birthday parties we go to as a reminder of mortality. Its funny how my nieces and nephews look at it as almost a birthday uniform after all this time.


Death – Lack of Comprehension Fretless Bass Cover

I came across this Canadian bass player covering In Human Form from Death via Bass Musician Magazine on Facebook about an hour ago. At the time of the vid, she’d been playing for about 2 years. Intrigued, I looked at her channel, and, lo and behold – Lack of Comprehension – my favorite Death song! Not only does she do an amazing job – she had only been playing for 1.5 years when she did it! Someone’s doing something right, and it isn’t me…

Here’s Ana Dujakovic, apparently from Serbia/Croatia and now residing in Canada and blowing my mind at how much can be accomplished with enough sweat and a healthy appreciation for Steve DiGiorgio.

Death – Lack of Comprehension Fretless Bass Cover


Steve DiGiorgio talks about Death’s Human album

I came across this last night after I’d started writing about Dominic Lapointe (which I still have to finish). Its a thread on UltimateMetal.com in Steve DiGiogrio‘s forum in which he opens up and gives the history of how his bass playing was drowned out of the mix on Death‘s Human (1991). I’ve been listening to the 20th anniversary remastered release for a while now and love it. Steve’s bass is much more audible in the remixed tracks and there’s a bonus CD with drum and bass tracks for all of the songs on the album (3-CD set).

Anyhow, this is probably old news for some of you, as its from the end of October in 2006, but it was new and insightful to me. Steve posts under the name HippieOfDoom on the forums. In his response in the thread, he goes over background during the recording, what he had hoped to accomplish on bass and his reaction to the final mix. Its interesting to see both his thought process and his intent. I really like his overall stance on doing what’s right and being relevant.


Burning Ambulance reviews Death’s “Human” reissue

The Burning Ambulance review of the 2011 remastered reissue of Human (originally released in 1991), from Death is great for its complimentary historical references. Its the 20th anniversary release. I’ve actually been listening to this and the bonus stuff while I drive for the past 2 weeks. Wifey has gotten to really like Lack of Comprehension as well. RIP Chuck.

Read it here:

That’s Steve DiGiorgio on fretless bass, BTW.

Obscura – Lack of Comprehension (Death cover)

Obscura – Lack of Comprehension (Death cover)

I really like this cover. What makes it even cooler for me is Jeroen Paul Thesseling playing Steve DiGiorgio‘s stuff on bass. 😉 Oh, and RIP Chuck.


Steve DiGiorgio (fretless metal bassist)

Death. Testament. Autopsy.  These are bands that rose to prominence in the 80s and 90s in thrash and death metal. Do you know what they all had in common? Steve DiGiorgio on bass. Steve is a whirlwind of a player. He’s known for blazing speed and fretless playing. I’ve combed the internet, and I can’t find video interviews with him anywhere. However, his playing has become an important part of the fabric of metal history. When I think of heavy metal bass, the first person who comes to mind is Steve Harris. However, when I think extreme metal bass, the two players who always top the list for me are Alex Webster and DiGiorgio.

Steve is a blend of schooled and self-taught bassist. Interviews on the internet state that he played different instruments in school, including woodwind and brass, before moving on to stringed instruments. He learned to read standard notation in school as well. He says that when it comes to metal, however, he learned by ear, sitting by the radio and playing to albums.