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Practice: 8/24/12 – Major Triads a different way

Tonight, after dinner, I sat in the living room and ran major triad exercises similar to what I did two nights ago (yesterday, I didn’t get to practice – but it did let my hands recover after being so rusty). Sometime during that, I started moving the triads in a box pattern. Like, I’d play them with the root on the the E string, 9th fret, then A string, 9th fret, then I’d move to the 7th fret and repeat. I started doing it over 4 strings using E9, E7, A9, A7, D9, D7 and then added in triads going in reverse (moving from the 5th to the 3rd to the root). It was fun trying to do exercises that sounded melodic.

I began to hop around, descending every other fret – like E9, E7, E5 using triads. Then I started trying just the root and 5th instead of triads. I was playing different rhythms while doing this, repeating grooves and making small variations in them. I like varying note lengths and creating short grooves.



Practice: 8/22/12 – Major Triads & Shifting 1 Fret

The nursery is basically done. Carpet tiles came in late today, so I’ll install them tomorrow. I eschewed picking up Rocksmith for a 2nd try at the stuff I was working on yesterday so that I could focus on ramping back up again a little before I give it another shot.

Tonight, I decided to drill major triads back into memory. Only, I mixed it up a little bit, because thanks to Rocksmith, I know that I’m having trouble moving around on the strings. I started just running a major triad pattern in 2nd position for a bit, and then began alternating from 2nd position to 3rd position (all with the root on the E string). It looked like this:


Rocksmith Bass

Rocksmith, a game which I wrote a little about last year, released its bass upgrade as downloadable content on August 14th. Apparently, this is 2.5 weeks earlier than scheduled. I learned about the upgrade on Friday last week (3 days after the release) and decided not to wait until October for the PC version to come out. I went out and bought a Playstation 3 and the game on Saturday night, after returning from a funeral and following it up with a birthday party. Strange times.

I’ve not been much of a gamer since the late 1990’s. The last console that I played regularly was the original Playstation. Wifey and I have a Wii that we grabbed for Christmas two years ago. We mostly used it to watch Netflix. I’m not too versed on current gaming technology or trends. With this in mind – I’m impressed. The PS3 is a fantastic piece of equipment. I chose it over the Xbox360 because Microsoft charges a monthly fee for gamers to go online, whereas Sony’s online network is free. Rocksmith is equally impressive. The physical interface is ingenius, to me. Its a cord with a USB interface on one end and an audio jack on the other that plugs right into the bass.

So, anyway…


One More Week

Its almost time, but its been an insane ride. I know I’ve not been online and blogging for a while now. Two life-changing events have dominated the past few months of my time: birth and death.

This coming Tuesday (8/28), I’m going to be a daddy, We’ve built a nursery, had a baby shower, and wifey’s complaining that her belly-button is going to pop. Ella Sophia is almost here.

On the flip-side of this, last week, after several years of mounting the most courageous defense I’ve ever seen, my boss – who was like a 2nd mother to me – has passed from melanoma. I really wish that she could have seen Ella before she passed. She told me, some time ago, that she looked forward to being an aunt again, and this is the first child for both my wife and myself.

So, anyway, enough with the personal updates for now. I might write about each of these a little more in the future, because one hangs very heavily on my heart, and the other is arriving just in time to lift it.

On to bass.