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Lucretia, My Reflection riff

Maybe its because I was thinking of New Order early this AM, but a few mins ago, I was thinking about the bassline for Lucretia, My Reflection, from Sisters of Mercy, and after finding the starting note, I think I figured out the main bass part. If I’m not completely screwing it up, its in A minor and only uses the first 6 notes of the scale.

Here’s an idea by note name and by scale degree. We repeat the A 16 times (4 groups of 4) and then play the rest:

Scale degree 1 (16x) 3 3 3 3 6 5 4 4 4 4 6 5 5
Note name A (16x) C C C C F E D D D D F E E



Exercise like New Order

Happy Independence Day, folks. We had some people over and grilled for the first time since the baby was born (yes, its been almost 4 years since we grilled)! For some reason, when I came inside tonight I was thinking about New Order, who I’m a fan of because of Joy Division and Peter Hook.

Anyway, I messed with my bass a little bit just now and came up with an exercise that’s reminiscent of Blue Monday. I tried it two ways, once with repeating notes and the other with jumping notes, like approach tones. They kind of work together, if you alternate from one to the next. Its sloppy, but it was fun. Now I’m off to a late shower and bed.

1st way: E-B-C# (D# as approach note)

2nd way: E-B-C#-B-C#-D#-C#-B-C#-D#

Its played on the E and A strings and if you use a major scale fingering starting on B, you basically have it all from one position (its only 4 notes).