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Strange Bass Gallery 12

Well, today is the 5th anniversary of the blog – and its also exactly 3 months since I last posted a Strange Bass Gallery. So, here’s a little something to rectify that: the first gallery of 2016.



Strange Bass Gallery 11

December is upon us. The year is winding down, but the basses aren’t gaining in normalcy. Rearranging letters from random DC comics suggests that Stig Pedersen is actually Sting from Bizarroworld.

Anyway. Duck!



Strange Bass Gallery 10

We’re in the thick of November and its a Friday, so you know what time it is? Its time for another spread of oddities and exotics from around the bass-o-sphere.


Strange Bass Gallery 9


Tomorrow’s the last day of October. So, for you ghoulish low enders out there – Happy Halloween! Its been a month and almost 3 weeks since my last Strange Bass Gallery. Here’s some stuff from the backlog:


Of course, you know… evil never dies…


Strange Bass Gallery 8

Its that time of the month again. No, not that time. The other one.


Strange Bass Gallery 7

Welcome to my garden of unearthly delights…


You know that can’t be the only warped apple to fall from the tree:


Strange Bass Gallery 6

Its been 7 weeks since I either assaulted or delighted your eyes with another menagerie of strange basses, and they haven’t gotten any less strange since last time.

Here’s a link to the older galleries too:


You know there’s more.