A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

Dominique Lapointe (bassist for Beyond Creation)

I have a bunch of draft posts that I started a long time ago which need to be finished. This one is from 12/01/2011.

Dominique “Forest” Lapointe is the bass player for Beyond Creation, a technical/progressive death metal band from Quebec. He also plays bass for Atheretic (1999-, link is in German) and has played for Augury (2001-2010) and Quo Vadis (2003-2008). AND he’s left-handed (like me)! A full list of bands that he’s participated in can be found here:

Dominic ‘Forest’ Lapointe

Dominic ‘Forest’ Lapointe

Beyond Creation – Omnipresent Perception (bass)

Augury – Simian Cattle (bass)

[edit 02.21.15] I started writing this 3 years ago and never finished. Bleh. Well, on the plus side, there’s more info available about Dominique (Dominic) on the internet now. Here’s a thread that I found on Talkbass where they discuss him a little. The person who started the thread was a student of his, which must have been an amazing experience.

I’m glad to see that the general consensus on Talkbass is that he’s an excellent player whose sound is a core characteristic of the bands that he’s part of. Of course, they might be a bit biased, because they’re all bassists as well, but I have a similar bias, myself. 😉 Here’s a short bio about him from Ricburn Media, a Canadian media relations company that seems focused on musicians:

Forest is known as a highly-skilled fretless 6-string player, in the vein of Steve DiGiorgio and Jeroen Thesseling. His playing is noted for being melodic and his precision and articulation are also lauded. Here’s a link to a bass playthrough video for the song Elusive Reverence, as posted on no treble. There were a lot of praises spoken about his tapping. It looks like a lot of the commenters on no treble don’t care for the vocal style though. I’m a huge fan of death metal, so its one of the things I look for, but to each their own.

Here are some more links to articles about Dominic from no treble. In general, there are a lot of people who simply don’t like metal, and in particular, extreme styles, like death. Its interesting to me, because I haven’t come across this in a long time in person, but then, the internet is a big place.

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