A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

Amplitube 4 bass amps & some home recording thoughts

Here’s a video that shows a bunch of bass amp options available in Amplitube 4. This is from one of the paid versions, so it has quite a bit.

Amplitube 4, BASS AMPS, HQ Audio ! Ampeg, GK, Fender and others

Also, here’s a short thread on Talkbass that discusses going ampless for people who play mainly at home. A lot of it goes into recording options, but I found this particular advice/formula from Digitalman in response #2 good to know:

The products I mention are almost irrelevant. You just need a DAW, an interface, and an amp modeler that all work together and are Mac compatible/versions.

On Windows, I have Reaper (DAW) and Amplitube (amp modeler), both of which are free, although Amplitube has paid versions and if I want to add stuff to it, I can buy them from the online store.

However, there are also free plug-ins for Amplitube, and the same ones likely work in Reaper. Virtual instruments are called VST‘s and last night I saw some posts (which I have to dig up, now that I think about it) about some that rivaled or surpassed paid products which work in Amplitube.

I also have a free drum machine called Hydrogen that I’ve been using to create drum patterns to practice with. I’m sure it factors in somewhere. I haven’t tried doing things like exporting Hydrogen files and loading them into Reaper, but that should go on my to-do list sometime.

For interface, I have the Rocksmith cable, but it looks like devices like the iRig from IK, who make Amplitube, or other audio interfaces that have a port to stick a guitar/bass cable into, are what’s needed to get an electric bass recorded directly on a pc. I’ve seen people complain that some sound cards for their computers don’t provide a good interface, and some who have bought/upgraded sound cards for this very purpose.

Previously, I’ve used Audacity & the Rocksmith cable to record exercises – mainly for this blog – but the problem is, I’m playing unplugged that way, and I do want to start practicing with electricity. I haven’t tried plugging the bass into the amp and then the amp into the computer with the Rocksmith cable, but that’s also something I might look into.


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