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Online drum machine metronomes

So, after that metronome post from yesterday, I had a chat with Shel from Sound Waves & Spray Paint. She’s more finicky about what click sounds she can abide to practice with than I am, which proved lucky. In an attempt to help find a metronome with a click that she can tolerate, I discovered two that passed muster.


The first is a simple drum machine. It has 8 different drum sounds. Users can pick up to 2 of them to practice with. One of them plays at the beginning of a measure (lets call that, the “1”). The other is used to fill out the rest of the bar. Each measure can have up to 8 beats. It worked well in both Internet Explorer and Chrome.


The second was also fun. It has a simple click metronome which can additionally place an accent on the 2, 3 or 4 of a beat for further subdivision. What we both liked is that is also has 5 drum beats that can be played along to and which (like the click feature) can be sped up or slowed down by adjusting the BPM. This one didn’t work as well in IE, but had full functionality in Chrome – the BPM slider and the click didn’t work in IE.

As an aside, I just discovered that gieson.com, who make the first drum metronome, have a bunch of other applications available. Many are music-related. Their categories are divided into “new + popular,” audio, software, developer stuff, video, art works, animation and games. In the audio section, I see tuners, a drum machine, apps for guitar, an app for piano and a sequencer, among other things. Give them a look!


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  1. After that convo, I did another run through the Google Play store, and while I didn’t find anything I like quite as much, there’s an app called Loopz which is kind of an interesting take on the concept.

    I also found a rhythm trainer app which I’m going to noodle with a bit, and I’ll post about that soon.

    December 9, 2016 at 6:35 am

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