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Pachelbel’s Canon for Solo Bass & Chord Progressions

I’ve seen a bunch of Zander Zon‘s videos before, but not in a long time. Someone posted a link to his rendition of Pachelbel’s Canon for solo bass on Talkbass. In the thread, the OP asks how long it would take to be able to play that song like Zander. There’s no hard mathematical answer to his question, of course, and the rest of the thread explains that to him, as well as paths on how to get there and a discussion of Zander’s technique and its resemblance to flamenco guitar. But I wanted to share the video for two other reasons:

1. Its a beautiful rendition. See for yourself:

Pachelbel’s Canon for Solo Bass 

2. This rant/reaction to Pachelbel’s Canon on cello really reminds me of the video I posted from Axis of Awesome about 4-chord songs. I was amazed that this progression (if I’m using the right term) goes back this far and is still in use today:


Rostropovich – The Genius of the Cello

So, I was just working on revising our Nursing reports when we lost connectivity to the datacenter in Brooklyn again. Hurricane Sandy has just left, but there’s a Nor’Easter calling. Its starting to snow outside.

Anyway, without the ability to stay connected to work, I’ve decided to take a few minutes to gush about something music-related: Mstislav Leopoldovich Rostropovich. I watched a documentary the other night called Rostropovich – The Genius of the Cello that aired on BBC. It was mindblowing to me. I wasn’t familiar with Rostropovich (called “Slava” by many of his friends and students) before, but after seeing the documentary, I wish I had heard more about him earlier. The passion and articulation that he commands when playing the cello are awe-inspiring. Sadly, he passed in 2007.

Rostropovich: The Genius Of The Cello