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Wifey’s extreme metal thesis and drum blog are here!

This isn’t totally bass-related, but it might be intriguing for some of you who are interested in extreme metal and in drumming (even separately).


My wife finished her 2nd masters degree this year. Apart from her MLS, she now has a masters in anthropology. Her thesis topic was centered on women’s participation in New York’s extreme metal scene – from musicians and fans to others in the industry like photographers, writers, women who run magazines and websites, women who host radio shows and more. We attended shows (quite a few were around the baby’s schedule), she met and interviewed women in the scene, conducted an online survey with dozens of respondents, and met and presented with incredible metal music scholars – a discipline that I didn’t even know existed until she started doing her thing. Many of them have written books and papers in academic journals and some have released video documentaries as well. Its a thriving and fascinating international community.

Anyway – for those interested, her thesis is finally available for public consumption via CUNY Academic Works. Here’s a link to the PDF (you can click the “download” button on CUNY’s site or read it online):

Here’s a link to her blog where she announced the release of the thesis as well:



The Girls In The Band

Here’s something interesting from a cultural and musical vantage that I found when Jackie from Lindsey Tree Music posted in the Bass Blogs group on FB. Its a trailer for The Girls In The Band, a documentary with and about women from the jazz/bebop scene who were excellent musicians, but because of the influence of patriarchy, were marginalized and not given the credit they were due as amazing players – something that has repeated since in other styles of music, as well as areas outside of music. Some of the women were also black, so they had a double-whammy to deal with as this predates the civil rights movement in America.

The Girls In The Band 


She Rocks

Wifey showed me this video last night, and I wanted to share it. This is a 10-minute clip from the upcoming She Rocks Documentary. Here’s some info about the film:

She Rocks is a feature length documentary that showcases high caliber female guitar players both past and present and explores the gender disparity that still exists in the world of professional guitarists.

There’s only one bassist represented on the video – Nik West, who I’ve been dimly aware of but only saw more of last night. She’s an impressive funk bassist and ex-drummer, so rhythm is in her blood. But that’s not why I wanted to post it. Its more because of how the women in the video speak about practice and dedication to craft, and about heart and expression. I think that a lot of beginners might be able to take inspiration from what they say – and it was refreshing to me to hear about other people who have to practice a riff or exercise 9,000 times to get it right – even if they’re guitarists and not bassists. 😉

She Rocks: Connection to your Instrument