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IIB Week 1 – Lesson #1 (Introduction)

So, last night at 10 PM, Lesson #1 of Music Theory for Bass became available for download from the International Institute of Bassists (IIB). I didn’t realize this until later in the night, as I was editing a paper for wifey on Friction: An Ethnography of Global Connection by Anna Tsing.

The initial lesson is made up of 8 PDF files. I logged into the IIB website at around 1 AM and grabbed them. These files have the following titles:

  1. Lesson #1
  2. A Guide to Practicing
  3. Notes on the E, A, D & G Strings
  4. A Guide to Notation
  5. Notes & Rest Values
  6. Intervals
  7. Relative Pitch Ear Training
  8. Lesson #1 Quiz

I’ll go over each of these a little during the week in separate blog posts. I’m not sure how detailed I’ll be about content, as I don’t want to give away IIB’s class. Tonight, at 10 PM (EST), there’s an optional chatroom meeting/discussion which I’d like to attend. Following is a summary of my thoughts on the sections of the first document (Lesson #1). Some of its parts have the same names as the 8 documents listed above, because it discusses them.