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Linus Klausenitzer (bassist for Noneuclid & Obscura)

With Jeroen Paul Thesseling no longer in Obscura, the band has released a video to introduce their new bass player, Linus Klausenitzer. Linus has played bass for Noneuclid, a German progressive/death metal band and for another German metal band called Fallacy. Jeroen is one of my favorite bass players, so I was sceptical that Obscura would be able to fill his shoes when he left, but after seeing the introductory video and reading a bit about Linus on his website, I think that he’s a good replacement.

Linus studied at the Music College in Regensburg and at conservatory in Hamburg. I actually saw him play earlier this year, when wifey and I caught Obscura playing with Children of Bodom, Devin Townsend and Septic Flesh. His playing was very solid. I actually didn’t realize it wasn’t Jeroen until some time later.

Obscura introducing new bass player


Jeroen Paul Thesseling emailed me!

Tonight, I received an email from Jeroen Paul Thesseling, bassist for Pestilence and Nufutic (former bassist for Obscura). He’s seen a post that I wrote about him in March and likes it. I just wanted to share this because he’s one of my favorite bassists, and I am presently in awe. Wifey was laughing at me over it. 😉

Here’s a link to the blog entry about him:

His website can be found here:

The image on the right shows him with a 7-string fretless Thumb NT bass that Warwick created for him. Here’s a link from what I believe is their custom shop:

Obscura – Lack of Comprehension (Death cover)

Obscura – Lack of Comprehension (Death cover)

I really like this cover. What makes it even cooler for me is Jeroen Paul Thesseling playing Steve DiGiorgio‘s stuff on bass. 😉 Oh, and RIP Chuck.


Steve DiGiorgio (fretless metal bassist)

Death. Testament. Autopsy.  These are bands that rose to prominence in the 80s and 90s in thrash and death metal. Do you know what they all had in common? Steve DiGiorgio on bass. Steve is a whirlwind of a player. He’s known for blazing speed and fretless playing. I’ve combed the internet, and I can’t find video interviews with him anywhere. However, his playing has become an important part of the fabric of metal history. When I think of heavy metal bass, the first person who comes to mind is Steve Harris. However, when I think extreme metal bass, the two players who always top the list for me are Alex Webster and DiGiorgio.

Steve is a blend of schooled and self-taught bassist. Interviews on the internet state that he played different instruments in school, including woodwind and brass, before moving on to stringed instruments. He learned to read standard notation in school as well. He says that when it comes to metal, however, he learned by ear, sitting by the radio and playing to albums.


Jeroen Paul Thesseling (bassist for Pestilence & Obscura)

Jeroen Paul Thesseling was the bassist for Pestilence when Spheres was recorded. He’s noted for his 5 & 6 string playing and – I recently discovered – fretless as well. He’s actually more known for playing fretless now than fretted. Currently, I believe that he’s playing in both Pestilence and Obscura. Here’s a really nice interview with Thesseling from De Bassist, a Dutch bass magazine with a print/online version that I can’t read. 😦

De Bassist – Jeroen Paul Thesseling interview


Pestilence – The Level Of Perception / Aurian Eyes / Soul Search

The Level of Perception is one of my favorite Pestilence songs. Spheres (1993) is a really unique album that a lot of older death-heads despised when it came out. It was very progressive, and Patrick Mameli said that at the time, they were really being inspired by jazz and classical music. Looking at it now, lyrically, I can make many associations between it and playing bass & music theory from the 3rd line and onward.