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Father to Son v2

Ok. This is probably wrong too, but I had to give Bathory‘s Father to Son a 2nd try. Its not the whole song, of course, because I simply don’t have the endurance or skill for that yet, but I hope I got some of it right. I tried it in D minor, way up on the 10th fret of the E string. The original sounds meatier, so I’m still doing it wrong, but I don’t know how they did it. I don’t know if anyone in Quorthon’s circle had a 5-string bass or if they used an alternate tuning (I’ve not tried one, myself, yet) or even if it was some kind of electronics thing that moves you down an octave or something.

In any case, its an exercise. Right now, it actually qualifies as a workout, for me. And this is where I used the 2 chromatic notes that I mentioned in my last post. Its in part of the main (faster) riff. If we’re looking at it in scale degrees, its kind of like this:

1-1-2-3, 1-1-2-3, 1-1-2-3, 4#-3
1-1-2-3, 1-1-2-3, 1-1-2-3, 1#-1#

That 4# and 1# are the chromatic (non-scalar) notes. They’re a little dissonant and stand out from the minor scale, which is what’s used in everything else.

Here’s my attempt:

Am backing track, Bathory & Joe Riposo

So, assuming its really him, Joe Riposo left a thank-you comment on my About page for reading his book, Target and Approach Tones – Shaping Bebop Lines. If it is, I’m surprised that he’d find my blog, and both humbled and flattered that he’d actually drop a line. I realized that I didn’t know much of anything about him, outside of the little that I’ve read from his book, so I Googled him. He’s really quite amazing – according to Wikipedia, he’s a saxophonist, composer and arranger and he taught (and headed the jazz studies department) at Syracuse University.

I think that right now, he’s around 86 years old. What really amazes me though was that he suffered a hematoma around 6 years ago, had brain surgery to drain the blood from his head and was able to recover and play music again. And its not a stringed instrument, like what I’m trying to learn. He regained his proficiency on saxophone – which likely means a lot more aerobic activity than what I’m putting into what I’m doing. I’m glad that he was able to overcome and hope that he has years still to continue composing, arranging and playing music.

Smooth Jazz BASS Backing Track (Am)