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Burning Ambulance reviews Death’s “Human” reissue

The Burning Ambulance review of the 2011 remastered reissue of Human (originally released in 1991), from Death is great for its complimentary historical references. Its the 20th anniversary release. I’ve actually been listening to this and the bonus stuff while I drive for the past 2 weeks. Wifey has gotten to really like Lack of Comprehension as well. RIP Chuck.

Read it here:

That’s Steve DiGiorgio on fretless bass, BTW.

Obscura – Lack of Comprehension (Death cover)

Obscura – Lack of Comprehension (Death cover)

I really like this cover. What makes it even cooler for me is Jeroen Paul Thesseling playing Steve DiGiorgio‘s stuff on bass. 😉 Oh, and RIP Chuck.