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Augmented, Diminished & Suspended Triads

Here’s something interesting that expands on basic chords. Previous posts have gone over major and minor triads, including how they’re derived from the major and minor scale, respectively. They’re the two most basic chords in Western music and are each comprised of 3 notes – the root (or 1), a variable 3rd (major or minor) and the 5th degree of the given scale. So, they’re spelled out as:

  • Major triad: 1 – 3 – 5
  • Minor triad: 1 – b3 – 5
Major and Minor triads

Major and Minor triads

There are apparently three other chords that are variations of the triads. Two of them alter the 5th chord tone, which generally remains the same in a major or minor triad (which is why the 5th is called a perfect fifth). The last one replaces the 3rd with a 4th, regardless of whether its major or minor. These triads are called the Augmented, Diminished and Suspended triads.