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Coursera – DYM Lesson 4 videos (3)

Video #3 for Lesson 4 of Coursera’s online Developing Your Musicianship class introduces us to 7th chords.

3. 7th Chords (4:07)

Professor Russell opens this segment at the piano again, playing a short piece that lasts about 15 seconds which, to my ears, sounds richer and fuller than a lot of what he’s played before. I know that what he’s doing is playing something with 7th chords in it from the title of both the lesson and the video, but its interesting to know that and to actually hear it as well.

So, he starts speaking with, “What I ‘d like to talk about right now is building a 7th chord.” He directs us to look onscreen, where we’ll see a major scale and says, “As I have told you before, everything is going to come right from that major scale. So, we are going to build a major 7th chord and we are going to start right with C major 7. We are going to start with the triad C, E and G. Then, we’re just going to add the 7th degree on top. There, you have a C major 7th chord.”


Coursera – Developing Your Musicianship Lesson 4

Lesson 4 for Coursera’s Developing Your Musicianship class became available online at the beginning of the week. This time around, the main topics are major and dominant 7th chords. I haven’t gotten to watch any of the videos this week, so it looks like I have my work cut out for me for the next few days.

These are the titles for the videos in this lesson:

  1. Berklee Faculty/Student Spotlight: Audition Tips (4:03)
  2. Review (3:12)
  3. 7th Chords (4:07)
  4. Dominant 7th Chords and Blues Progression (13:04)
  5. 7th Chords Practice (3:04)
  6. Lesson Review and Assignment Overview (3:39)
  7. Berklee Student Performance: New Kind Of Dirty (4:32)

The total running time for these 7 videos is just shy of 36 minutes, so its longer than last week’s, but still not quite as long as the first two weeks’ videos. Also, I guess we should take into account that for each of these weeks’ lessons, the student performances don’t necessarily tie into the course material. I actually noticed that the syllabus posted on the main website for the class has student performances from an older class, not the current one, so they must change videos every time the class is offered. I’ll see about linking to those at a later point, just so that in the future, other students can indulge in historic performances if they want to.

Here’s a snippet from Professor Russell’s announcement this week:

Today begins lesson 4. I can say without any uncertainty that you are going to enjoy this lesson. We are going to explore constructing 7th chords and dive into the “blues.” How is a typical blues tune constructed? How do you construct a melody to a blues? What kinds of chords are used when playing the blues? These are just a few of the questions that will be answered. You will also watch as I put the Berklee students on the spot and have them spontaneously compose a blues.

This looks interesting to me. It looks like we’re going to begin delving into song construction with melody and appropriate chords. I notice that there’s no real mention of bass though. 😦 Maybe that’s what’s implied by asking what kinds of chords are used though.