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Not so happy new year…


One of these things is not like the others…

2017 and I are off to a bad start. Sure the first 2 weeks were interesting – I got the Focusrite Scarlett 6i6, wifey’s thesis was released and she started her drum blog, and I got the Gorilla Tips. I even got my old Ibanez 4-string mostly fixed and am waiting to hear back about the acoustic.

Then, wifey caught a stomach bug. It hit her for a few days before moving onto our daughter. That was just in time for Martin Luther King Jr. weekend. Bopps bounced back from it, and today we finally sent her back to school. However, this week, its been my turn, and I don’t have the resilience that my wife or our +1 does. My immune system is mostly theoretical. I’ve been laid out for the majority of the past week. This is my first time sitting in front of a computer in days. I haven’t touched a bass in 5 days, and spent 2 days completely immobile. I haven’t been this bad in recent memory. I literally didn’t move except to turn from one side to the next for 2 days.

Today, I took my first bite of solid food in days. It stayed down, so things were looking up. The GHS Pressurewound strings came in yesterday – it took 11 days to ship, likely because of the long weekend and USPS. I decided that since I’m finally sitting upright again, I’d restring the 6-string fretted bass with them. I’ve been really curious about them and waited twice as long to get them as I thought I’d have to.

Then I broke the new E-string by over-tightening.

The one thing I had to look forward to, and you took it from me too, 2017!


Happy New Year!


Happy New Year, folks! I hope its a standout year for everyone. I hope you learn something world-changing, play gigs that make you fall in love with music all over again and that your family lives are blissful and your jobs become meaningful and rewarding. And I hope you get a raise and find that gear you didn’t even know you wanted – for cheap too!