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Practice: 01/24/17 – HLBM 10-51 @ 80bpm [vid]

I’m finally back after that stomach bug wrecked my January. This Sunday, I started practicing through the Hal Leonard book again. I started back at the beginning, at ex. 10 and did 10-42 on Sunday, 10-51 on Monday, and 46-48 earlier today. It wasn’t so bad. I made some mistakes on the first day, but got better as I went. The new GHS Pressurewound strings play more smoothly that the roundwounds I had before, so I’m able to play for longer periods of time without my fingertips getting sore from holding down the thinner strings.

On the HLBM thread on Talkbass, several more people got the book and joined in. One person finished book 2 and is beginning the 3rd volume. I found it encouraging that he said that when he goes back to older exercises from book 1, they glide under his fingers now.

I made videos of the 3 exercises I ran this AM: 46 “Crossin’ Three”, 47, and 48 “Octa Gone”. I’ve been running everything at 80 bpm, because its not too fast, and it still forces me to read at a decent rate. For those last 2 exercises, I messed with the notes after running the exercise as written, just to see how it would sound doubled-up or played with some slower parts and some faster parts, or as dotted quarter notes in some cases. My aim is to ramp back up to where I was (57 “F/X”) by the end of the week.

Hal Leonard Bass Method ex. 46 “Crossin’ Three” @ 80bpm

Hal Leonard Bass Method ex. 47 @ 80bpm

Hal Leonard Bass Method ex. 48 “Octa Gone” @ 80bpm


3 responses

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  2. Filip

    Great blog and book reviews.
    I am following the same approach. Trying to advance in the HLBM. I am on page 38 now (eight notes) and having difficulties playing it right. So bought simplified sight reading by Josquin des Pres to improve that.

    Best regards,

    February 23, 2017 at 4:10 pm

    • vishalicious

      Thanks for the kind words!

      You’re ahead of me in the HLBM. I haven’t practiced in a few weeks, but will review and resume soon. I’ve found that playing slowly with a metronome, and increasing speed over time has really made a difference in how I practice and get through many of the exercises in the book. I’ve dropped down as low as 40 bpm and I tend to top off at 92 bpm. There was one exercise that I did at 96 bpm though.

      I also have Simplified Sight Reading for Bass. I really like it. The way that Josquin counts is very interesting to me, but I also haven’t used the book in a while. I wasn’t very far into it though. At some point, I need to start that back up again as well.

      February 24, 2017 at 8:14 pm

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