A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

Wifey’s extreme metal thesis and drum blog are here!

This isn’t totally bass-related, but it might be intriguing for some of you who are interested in extreme metal and in drumming (even separately).


My wife finished her 2nd masters degree this year. Apart from her MLS, she now has a masters in anthropology. Her thesis topic was centered on women’s participation in New York’s extreme metal scene – from musicians and fans to others in the industry like photographers, writers, women who run magazines and websites, women who host radio shows and more. We attended shows (quite a few were around the baby’s schedule), she met and interviewed women in the scene, conducted an online survey with dozens of respondents, and met and presented with incredible metal music scholars – a discipline that I didn’t even know existed until she started doing her thing. Many of them have written books and papers in academic journals and some have released video documentaries as well. Its a thriving and fascinating international community.

Anyway – for those interested, her thesis is finally available for public consumption via CUNY Academic Works. Here’s a link to the PDF (you can click the “download” button on CUNY’s site or read it online):

Here’s a link to her blog where she announced the release of the thesis as well:


Secondly, with the thesis complete, she’s going to pursue learning an instrument. When she was little, she took piano and clarinet lessons, but without revealing her age – because I don’t know what might happen if I did that – that was a long time ago. 😉 Now, she’s going to take on drums with the kit that we got for Christmas. We’ve approached a friend of mine who has played instruments for decades and been in bands for about as long, to help guide us. Here’s a link to a new blog she started, which is something of a compliment to my own:

metal-music-librariansFinally, for those of you who are interested in the academic side of metal, during her research phase my wife started a Facebook group that’s populated by fans who are also librarians, teachers, academics and inquisitive fans. Its called Metal Music Librarians. It was born as a means to facilitate research and dialogue, and its open to all who love learning about metal – not just librarians!


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