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Practice: 01/01/17 – HLBM 54

HLBMHappy New Year, folks. So, I started the “More Notes on the G String” lesson in the HLBM today. Its the last one dealing with notes on the first 4 frets of the strings and introduces the sharps & flats on the G-string. I drilled ex. 54 for a half-hour during the small hours of the night, to make sure I was able to name the notes properly while I played them. I started at 60 bpm for 10 mins, then escalated to 66, 72, 84 & 92 bpm for 5 mins each.

After taking a little break, I tried ex. 55, which shifts between 1st & 2nd position, and although I can read and play all of the notes, I can’t tackle the exercise. This is something of a rarity, but, I ran through it twice and now my fingertips on my fretting hand really hurt! The G-string is pretty thin, more like a guitar string than a bass string, and I guess that makes it bite into fingers more acutely than broader strings on the bass. Is this what guitarists go through? I thought it would be worse for us! In any event, this is annoying, because I’m awake and want to practice, but physically can’t! 30 mins of continuous playing on the tiny string just did me in. 😦

I saw a post on Talkbass last week in which a guy received a gift from his wife for Christmas. It was these little rubber fingertip “gloves”. I laughed at it when I saw it, but now I kind of wish I had them. I didn’t plan on starting 2017 by burning out in the first half-hour, so I hope my fingertips recover soon. I’m probably going to end up reading Talkbass now…

Oh, I also started a new practice log. The format is a little different from the one I was using last year. Its what’ll link to the Practice Log image in the widget section of the blog. Here’s the old one and the new one, for those of you interested. After doing this for the past 3 months, I really feel that everyone should do it when learning an instrument. Depending on what information you track, It really gives you something concrete to look at when you want to measure progress.


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