A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

Personal Jesus

I can’t believe how tired my forearms are. I got in some practice in the wee hours today, and then tonight I found wifey practicing part of Personal Jesus, from Depeche Mode, on the drums. Intrigued, I pulled up the video on YouTube, because its been a while since I listened to it. Surprisingly, I figured out the main bass riff. It actually tied into what I was practicing last night. 😉

At around 3AM I was doing those octave exercises from the HLBM. That intro or chorus part of Personal Jesus has a lot of roots and octaves – which I had been drilling a bit with ex. 47. I was thinking about the notes, and if the song is in E minor (I don’t know if it necessarily is) then the part I cobbled together uses the 1-3-8 of that, or root-3rd-octave. That’s it – 3 notes!

This is sloppy, because my arms are tired, but here’s a recording of the riff, to give an idea. When I played it with my wife, I used the acoustic. However, since I can’t record that and make it audible, this is on the electric:

Also, on Monday, I took Bopps on a quick trip to Sam Ash and we got this pack of Vic Firth drum mutes. They’re basically pads that go on the drum heads and cymbals and quiet them down. The difference in sound is dramatic. They really cut the volume down significantly. I know its not soundproofing, but its made practicing on the drums far more feasible than before. I can even hear the acoustic bass when the drums are going.

Here’s a sketch of the bass riff, for those of you who are interested. I don’t know if its verbatim, but its what my ears picked out:



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