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HLBM 46: More Notes on the D-String


I did it. I can play exercise 45 at 92 bpm!

This morning, I had a 45-minute practice session. I ran the exercise in 5-minute segments at 50bpm, 54bpm, 60bpm, 66bpm, 72bpm, 80bpm, 84bpm, 88bpm and finally 92bpm. I’ll see if I can maintain this later today and tomorrow. If I can do it, then I’ll finally move on to the next one, a 12-bar test called “Crossin’ Three” that incorporates notes from the E, A and D strings.

I was commenting about this on Talkbass. I noticed that I “count” the notes legato at higher speeds. So, letters get sounded out for the duration that I hold the note on the fretboard for quarter notes. Half-notes get their name spoken for a quarter-note length and then the word “two” spoken for another quarter. Half-note accidentals get “sharp” or “flat” spoken aloud in place of the “two”, and I just rush their names when they’re quarter notes.

Also, that advice to practice slowly that I’ve read in so many places works. Its funny, I remember a video where Adam Neely mentioned that he tells his students to do this and when they do, its still not slow enough. Then he says “glacially slow”. I’ve had that phrase in my head since. I find myself murmuring it when I’m stuck behind slow drivers too now. Thanks, Adam…


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