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How Musicians Can Practice More Efficiently

Here’s a video from Steve Onotera, aka samuraiguitarist, from Canada. It talks about 7 concepts to which musicians can refer to make practice sessions more productive. In a nutshell, these are:

  1. Have a clear vision of why you are practicing
  2. Create a practice schedule
  3. Don’t over-practice
  4. Isolate the problem
  5. Incorporate practicality
  6. Attack concepts from different angles
  7. Practice slowly and gradually speed up

How Musicians Can Practice More Efficiently


Music school sample practice regimen

All of these are good pieces of advice, and Steve talks through their benefits in his video. I found his sample practice schedule from when he was studying music in college especially interesting, because it gives an idea about the effort that students in music school apply in a guided fashion, compared to what I’m attempting, without an instructor.

Steve’s points are applicable to every instrument, and generally to other disciplines, apart from music, as well. I really do need to work on #2 in the list. My practice is erratic and not consistent, but even if the scheduling is erratic, I might be able to make the individual sessions more consistent through an actual schedule – and seeing how he broke his time up, I actually have a framework to consider when thinking about mine.


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