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Practice 8/29/16 – HLBM More Notes on the A String

This weekend was Bopps’ birthday. She turned 4 and we had a little get-together in the backyard with a few folks. There was a bunch of food and a kiddie pool, so both kids and adults were happy. Because of this and a visit with some relatives from Trinidad who stayed with us for the past 2 weeks, I didn’t get to sit down and practice for a few days. I finally got some time to myself just now, though, and went through the Hal Leonard book again. I completed everything up to the “More Notes on the A String” exercise, which gives us A#/Bb and C#/Db, along with introducing us to the finger roll.


Snippet from More Notes on the A String (pg. 20)

I made it through the first page of the new lesson with A# and C# and got to that “Roll It” lesson that has the fingerings above the notation that was stalling my reading last time. It did it again, so I’m stopping for now, since I’m tired anyway and need to throw some clothes in the dryer.


Snippet from “Roll It” in More Notes on the A String (pg. 21)

Also, I watched some videos from Ariane Cap earlier today. I’ve seen her book, Music Theory for the Bass Player, for a while now, but I’m making myself not buy more books until I finish this one. Her videos are good. They’re thought-provoking. She combined technique and theory lessons into one, for several of the ones I watched. I’ll write about some of them later though, as she’s already made around 20 of them for No Treble. She calls her series Talking Technique.


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