A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

Lock Up riff and left-hand exercise

Happy Father’s Day, to all the low-ender fathers out there!

I stayed up late last night, because I accidentally played that Lock Up video from Obscene Extreme fest and ended up zoning in on this part that I love about 2 mins into the video. Its probably a guitar part, but I ended up figuring out the riff on bass – if I did it right, it just uses some of the first 6 notes from E minor and should look like this:

  • Scale degree pattern: [1-3-2-1] [6-3-2-1]  [1-3-2-1-2]
  • Notes in E minor: [E-G-F#-E] [B#-G-F#-E]  [E-G-F#-E-F#]

Its one of the two times this month that I managed to pick up my bass. I’m almost done editing wifey’s thesis though, so I should be able to dedicate more time to bass in the coming weeks – I hope!

I also found a video last night, after watching Lock Up, with a bass exercise that I really like. I ended up watching a bunch of other bands from various Obscene Extreme shows and somewhere along the way, wanted to compare playing styles to Steve DiGiorgio, from when he played in Death. It led me to bass covers of some death songs – most of which I’ve already watched with awe over the years – but I found a new one. Behold:

Bass Guitar Left Hand Exercise Ring and Pinky Finger Strength 60-180 BPM

The bassist’s name is Nazim Kemal Ure. After watching that video, I looked at some other vids in his channel and came across this fun exercise, which I tried last night and can actually manage. I didn’t use a metronome though, so I don’t know how fast I’m going. I’m probably somewhere around his 60 BPM mark though.


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