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BRBL 13: Roots (and octaves)

02 Track 2

Track 2 notation from Building Rock Bass Lines

So, I noodled around a bit this AM, to warm up and surprisingly remembered something I was doing yesterday in the early AM in Bm. I’ll post it up after this, so that people can laugh at me on the internet and someday cause me to become an evil super villain that uses horribly mangled basslines to drive his enemies to their knees. But they won’t be applauding even then, I imagine.

Anyhow, afterward, I decided that its time to crack open one of the books again, so I opted for Building Rock Bass Lines. Its been a while since I worked out of a book, so I started with the early exercises again. Namely, the Track 2 exercise:

06 Track 2 tab (roots).jpg

Track 2 tab using roots

So, after I did it using open strings, I followed the instructions in the next paragraph which show a fretboard diagram up to the 9th fret and suggests that we try it from different positions. So, I went for the next easiest, which is the E, A & D on the 7th fret of the A, D & G strings, respectively. That looks like this:

06 Track 2 tab (octaves).jpg

Track 2 tab using octaves

Afterward, and since these were essentially octaves, I tried something else. I combined the open notes with the fretted ones. Just 2 of each, per note, so 2 open E’s followed by 2 fretted ones, 2 open A’s followed by 2 fretted ones, etc. I like the effect. It feels like it creates movement, and its done from a single position. It looks like this:

06 Track 2 tab (roots & octaves).jpg

Track 2 tab using roots & octaves

I then mixed it up a little bit, so 2 open, 1 fretted and another open; 3 open and 1 fretted; and some other variations. Some of them sounded interesting. But I think, more importantly, its also giving me a 2nd position to work from in a higher octave that essentially mirrors what I’d do from an open position. I’ll experiment with this more, and maybe even make some progress learning the fretboard this way. Yay.

Here’s a recording of the exercise. There are 3 playthroughs in here: one with open strings, one with octaves (from 7th position) and finally one that uses both open strings & fretted octaves.


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