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BRBL11: Using the Octave 3

Its about 4:00 AM. I should be sleeping. We have to take Bopps to her first piano lesson in the morning, and I’ve been up since early this AM because wifey & I took her to a friend’s dress-fitting thing. She’s going to be the flower girl, this fall. I was in bed, reading on the tablet for a while, and finally decided that since I just wasn’t nodding off, I’d practice.

So, I decided to try and make some headway in Building Rock Bass Lines. I went to example 9, the one that I stopped at 2 weeks ago – I didn’t realize that so much time had passed! I’ve been sidetracked with making up stuff to play over example 8, and a few other things.

Anyway. I read the exercise – its where octaves are introduced – and spent some time just getting my fingers used to playing the root and octave for each of the 4 notes in the progression (Em-G-C-A). This time around, I went with the open E, the G on the E string, the C on the A string and the open A for roots. The octaves were all 2 strings up and 2 frets up from each of those. So, it looked like this:

04 Track 9 tab2

Maybe 2 weeks away from it is what I needed, because I was able to play it. I don’t know if its up to speed, but I’ll check the actual track to confirm. The important thing is that I can do it. Its a little tricky still though, because its 4 strings, includes string skipping, and I’m doing it on my 6-string bass, so I have to not make a mistake and play on the low B string (which doesn’t happen much) or the high C string (which is more of a risk when aiming for the G string).

I know this isn’t impressive, but, its progress, so here it is:


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