A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

BRBL08: Using the Octave

It feels like Ed Friedland rolled up and gave me a beating. I moved on to the Using the Octave lesson/section in Building Rock Bass Lines and the first exercise just tripped me up and tied my fingers in knots. Its an Em-G-C-A 4-bar progression. However, since we’re using octaves, and there are probably a bunch of different places/fingerings we could use to play it, the one I settled on for the moment has me stumbling across 4 strings and 4 frets.

I’m not used to much string-skipping yet, and I’m doing this on a 6-string bass, so I have to try not to play the low B or the high C strings, which can get a bit confusing at times. The pattern on the E and A are the same, but the G and C each have their own pattern, so I can’t just lock into a particular motion and move it across the neck. Fie! (Finally, a chance to say that! There’s my silver lining…)

Here’s what the notation looks like. Its deceptively simple.

04 Track 9

And here’s how I tried to play it, in tab:

04 Track 9 tab2

Le sigh.


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