A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

BRBL 03: 1-6-4-5 with different E’s

Here’s something I did a few mins ago that I found interesting. I ran that 1-6-4-5 exercise in Building Rock Bass Lines again. The progression is G-Em-C-D. Instead of playing the same E though, I played 4 different E’s. Its a little choppy, because I really don’t have the speed and coordination to make it sound natural, but I found it an interesting variation, and I think its in line with what Ed says about trying the exercises using notes from different areas on the fretboard.

03 Track 5

I’m practicing with a 6-string bass, so I used the E’s on the B, E, A and D strings to do it. I think the only reason I could attempt it is that the 2nd E is the open E on the E string, which gives me a moment to move my hand quickly to the other E’s.

Anyhow, here’s what the exercise sounded like earlier today:


And here’s how it sounds with different E’s:


I like the variation in register. I tried it with approach notes, but you can definitely tell they’re different notes. Its smoother with 4 octaves of the same note. They blend together more naturally.


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