A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

Catching back up – and Hello, 2016!

I hope we’re not taking attendance, because I haven’t touched my bass again since the beginning of December. I think another few days will make it a full 2 months, in fact. Lots of other stuff has been happening, with both work and family. Some of it was stressful, like how we ended up in the hospital 3x in December due to the baby being really ill and then to my mother falling down a flight of stairs after having a stroke (fun times, that was).

Too Busy

Other stuff wasn’t as stressful, but was time-consuming. For example, just yesterday, I finished my technical draft of an eMAR (electronic medication administration record) for our system. I’ve wanted to work on one for years, but drug databases are expensive and we’re a small company. I finally found one that works and, hopefully, my development team will be able to handle my draft. After their review and any needed changes I’m really looking forward to getting feedback from our clients before I commit to programming. We’ve never touched meds before. We’ve always been strictly clinical. Although I’m mostly mum about it, this is game-changing for our company, if it can be done. And it opens the door to one of the most complex tasks – which I’m researching right now: CPOE (computerized physician order entry). Basically, sending and receiving prescription information. Its the other thing we’ve never attempted, but now that I have a drug database, I can try. There are a LOT of regulatory requirements that I need to learn about though: federal, state, industry and more. And then there’s making it talk with other systems. If I vanish for another block of months, and I’m still alive, you know why.

Aside from that, I’ve been… indulging in media. I stopped regularly reading for entertainment and watching TV years ago, because I’m a workaholic. Bass was my only real outlet, and even that wasn’t as frequent as I’d like it to be. For some months, I’ve been making myself not work during every waking hour, and its been fun. I’ve caught up on a bunch of series with the wife, and I’ve been reading stuff that isn’t work-related. It does feel like I’m wasting time, a lot, but I try to tell myself that sanity is a valuable attribute, and I know that this work/life balance thing is important. (I started reading Campbell’s Hero With a Thousand Faces, but veered off into design books like Don’t Make Me Think and System Analysis & Design… bad habits are hard to break.)

We’ve also been visiting schools to select a pre-k program for the Bopps, who actually inspired me to write this post. You see, she’s 3 1/2 now, and she plays around on the piano. She’s humming or singing entire songs now, including Bach’s Minuet and Beethoven‘s Fur Elise, along with literally dozens of nursery rhymes and kid’s songs.

So, yesterday, she was on the piano, trying to play the minuet, and she started on B. She got mad a few times and complained that she can’t find the right notes (yes, our 3-year old rages about note choice!). For some reason, it made me realize that the beginning of Death‘s Lack of Comprehension is in B. I noodled and figured out part of it on the piano. I then tried it out on the bass this morning and mostly have a bastardization that I’m happy with, for my level. Its probably mostly wrong, and I’m probably conflating the guitar and bass parts because I was trying it from memory, but, its the first time I’ve touched my bass in a while and, its also one of the few times I’ve done it without having a method or theory book in front of me.

  • Here’s attempt #1:


  • Here’s attempt #2 (with a dyad or two thrown in on the 2nd run):



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