A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

We got a piano

Wow. So, I didn’t practice for a few days on account of having guests at the house and not being in my home office during my usual hours. Sometimes when I skip a day or two I come back energized and rested and everything flows. Not this time.

My string-skipping warm-up was harder than usual. Luckily, although I had to take a minute to reacquaint myself with notation, my reading hasn’t significantly declined. I started with the latest exercises I got to in the More Notes on the D String lesson in the HLBM and then worked backwards from there. Although I tripped up a little bit I’m still able to play everything that I was playing on Friday, so yay!

Also, this Sunday, we got a piano from one of wifey’s co-workers who was giving it away. Its a Baldwin and has been in his family for a long time. He moved it to NYC from Pennsylvania but doesn’t have room in his apartment to keep it any longer. Judging from this webpage, its a full size/professional upright piano (its about 5 feet wide) and the cabinet style is Early American. The picture they have on that page for Early American is pretty spot on with what we have.

The baby loves playing it. Wifey is also getting familiar with notation again and was playing some nursery rhymes and carols from sheet music for the baby. I was looking at the sheet music and found that I can read the bass parts. They mostly consist of chords, which isn’t something I’ve really done on bass, but I might be able to improvise a bassline for some of what she’s playing. It looks like its going to end up being roots at the beginning of each measure. I’ll give that a go when we carve out some time for it.



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