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HLBM 44: More Notes on the D-String

So, I finally did it. After I stopped working through the Hal Leonard Bass Method for a few months, I picked it back up and spent a month getting back to where I was. As of this AM I can say that I’ve made it past the exercise that I had stopped on before, so I’m finally working on new material again.

Today, I started the lesson called More Notes on the D String. I worked on exercises 43, 44 & 45. These introduce us to D#/Eb and F#/Gb on the D string. The first 2 are 4-bar exercises. The last one is 8 bars and includes a shift between 1st & 2nd positions.

I mostly have 43 & 44 down, but I’m going to run them throughout the day. My plan is to try and take a break from sitting at the computer for 10 mins every hour so I can stand and practice. Working from behind a screen all day with no pause is supposed to be pretty bad for our health, so maybe this will benefit me more than just musically. If I manage this consistently, it’ll give me 80 mins of practice each day.

Ex. 45 looks like its going to take a little more doing, mostly because its got that shift, and like the previous shifting exercises (21, 22, 23) from More Notes on the E String, it asks us to shift on specific fingers. I should probably put all of them together on a page to work on them together.

HLBM44 - More Notes on the D String.jpg

It feels good to tackle new material again. It feels like progress.


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