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Warm-up for this week: String skipping/vertical stretch

I haven’t posted up a warm-up exercise in a long time. Here’s one I did yesterday, today and will probably use more during the week. Its meant to add a little vertical stretch capability to my fingers – something I’ve not been working on for a while. The pattern is below. Basically, just do it starting in 9th position (with fingers on frets 9, 10, 11 & 12) on the E string and move backwards until its completed. So the next one starts in 8th position (index finger on the 8th fret) then when that’s done, in 7th position, and so on, until we reach the 1st fret.

Once we make it to 1st position, we move up a string so we’re on the A string and do the same thing going up the neck until we’re in 12th position (unless you want to go further).

So, start on the E string, 9th fret, do the pattern, then shift and do it from the 8th fret, 7th fret, 6th, etc. After you’ve done it on the 1st fret, move up a string to the A string and do it in 1st position, then from the 2nd fret, 3rd fret, 4th, etc.

In tab, it would start like this, going down on the E string from the 9th fret to the 1st:

2015.11.30 stretch down tab.jpg

Here’s how it starts on the A string, moving up the neck:

2015.11.30 stretch up tab.jpg

If you’re so inclined, you can even come up with a way to do it across all 4 strings. I do that from time-to-time, but its not my focus right now. There are probably permutations that would change the role of the index and ring fingers from “anchor” positions on the lower strings to the top ones, so the middle and pinkie can anchor instead. Go forth and figure that stuff out.

Here’s what the exercise should sound like, both going down the E string and up the A string:

Moving down the E string:

Moving up the A string:


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