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Practice: 11/28/15 – HLBM 42 (2)

Ok. Its 8 AM now. I’m not sure why this particular exercise is so hard for me, even after I’ve eliminated the chord symbols from above the notation (they weren’t starting on the root and were really throwing me off). I’ve made some progress though. I acquiesced and listened to the CD track, instead of just playing it from the notation. The thought was that at my level, hearing the music the way its supposed to sound might help me connect the notes or phrases in a meaningful way so I could play through it.

It mostly worked.

After listening to the track twice and then just playing an open string on each note to get myself used to the rhythm at whatever tempo it’s being played at, I attempted it a few times with the CD and made some good headway. There are times when I hit the wrong note and either lost my place and had to start over, or was able to recover with the next note or jump back in on the next bar and then continue.

This is interesting to me because it also means that if I’m not frazzled by screwing up, I can continue on without starting over – although that’s not consistent yet. For some reason, the D note, in particular, is throwing me off more than the others. I’m trying to read ahead and I’m mostly saying the note names aloud, which helps me hit the right one, but its going to take more practice.

This is the exercise I stopped at when I was last going through the HLBM. Also – its a country song.

HLBM42 - D-Lite (no chords)

HLBM Exercise 42: D-LITE, with no chord notation


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