A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

Practice: 11/28/15 – HLBM 42

So I got up at 3 AM and wasted 45 mins on Facebook looking at what people ate to wrap-up their Thanksgivings. After that, I brushed and toyed with the idea of stuffing my face. Instead, I stared at the note names for the spaces and then the lines on the bass staff for a while and then warmed up and tackled ex. 42 in the HLBM again. I used my edit that doesn’t have the chord names.

I’m able to make it through 6 bars now. That’s everything except for the 2 endings. Yep – that’s a new thing introduced with this exercise: 1st and 2nd endings. I’d kind of have preferred 1st and 2nd helpings instead, and I’d have taken leftovers over standard notation, but, that’s not going to teach me how to read music, so I went with the road less-traveled.

Anyhow. Its 4:45 AM now. Everyone else is sleeping. I’m going to break and eat something after all. I don’t want any of the food to go bad and, uh… breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Here’s some of what I’ll be staring at while I chew:


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