A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

Strange Bass Gallery 10

We’re in the thick of November and its a Friday, so you know what time it is? Its time for another spread of oddities and exotics from around the bass-o-sphere.

Just so you know, I hate butterflies. I always have. Their flight patterns set me on edge and while everyone is cooing over their “beautiful” wings, I’m always staring at the middle, thinking of caterpillars and remembering that they taste us with their long tongues when they land. Its a rare fear, and I learned, maybe 5 years ago, that Nicole Kidman suffers from it too. Yes, my wife tortures me with it. But she hates clowns, so I send a healthy dose of their smiling faces her way in return. And yes, my nieces and nephews take full advantage of that fact as well… and sadly, my 3-year old is beginning to key into it as well. Where’s a good spider when you need one?

Quick, Bassman – to the Bassmobile!

Who knew Ronald was a lefty?

Here’s where you can find the rest. The world’s a strange place for bassists:


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