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Coursera – FoMT Week 2 / Video 1

The intro video for Week 2 is brief, at 33 seconds. Like the first week, its given by Dr. Michael Edwards. He tells us that this week’s lecture is given by Dr. Zack Moir and Dr. Nikki Moran. Zack, we know from the previous week. Nikki’s specialization is in music as social interaction.

He says that this week’s lecture will build on the previous one. It will delve specifically into sharps and flats and how they are used. Key signatures, minor scales and minor keys will also be discussed, and finally, how to extend the music staff to represent a wider range of music. So, it appears that some of it focuses on reading or understanding notation and some will delve into theory. This should be interesting to compare with the other Coursera class that I took – Developing Your Musicianship – which examined the major scale and minor pentatonic scale, but didn’t go into the minor one at all.

Here’s the “Meet the Team” entry for Nikki:

Dr. Nikki Moran

NikkiNikki Moran joined Music at Edinburgh in September 2007 after postgraduate research at Open University and University of Cambridge, and a teaching post at the University of East London. During her BMus degree at City University, London, she studied classical viola performance at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and took weekly classes in North Indian classical music performance with Prof. Gerry Farrell. Nikki subsequently studied as a sitar student of Pandit Arvind Parikh in Mumbai, India. From 2002 to 2007, busked regularly and led workshops in North Indian music for schools and community music projects. Nikki enjoys everyday music making with local ensembles and friends. She plays viola regularly with ensembles in Edinburgh and Glasgow, including Grey Area and GIO (Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra), and occasional gigs/concerts with groups including Edimpro and Orchestra of the Canongait.


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