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Coursera – Fundamentals of Music Theory Week 2

Week 2 of Fundamentals of Music Theory is called Keys and Intervals. Its comprised of 8 videos, which run for an hour, altogether. Looking at the titles, they seem to be concerned with the construction and identification of music notes.

FoMT_logoThe 8 videos in this 2nd lesson are:

  1. Introduction to Lecture 2 (0:33)
  2. 01. Sharps & Flats (06:19)
  3. 02. Keys and Key Signatures (12:59)
  4. 03. Minor Keys (09:31)
  5. 04. Intervals (06:11)
  6. 05. Ledger Lines and Clefs (04:45)
  7. 2.02.1 – EXTRA VIDEO – Key Signature Demonstration (11:02)
  8. ANOTHER EXTRA VIDEO – Interval Identification Demonstration (08:07)

In the class Announcements, two extra notices were given, regarding the 7th and 8th videos in this week’s lesson. The first is about the Interval Identification Demonstration. It basically says that the instructors have noticed that people are looking for more information about how to identify intervals and ways to practice doing so. They recommend musictheory.net for practice exercises and explain that their video talks through the process of identifying intervals.

The other extra video, Key Signature Demonstration, is similarly meant to help clarify questions about working out key signatures, so my assumption is that it will delve further into the Circle of 5ths/Circle of 4ths.


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