A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

Practice: 11/8/15 – E & A strings and Unforgiven

I got in some more practice tonight and will probably do a little more before I crash. I started with another warm-up using pairs of fingers (index-middle and ring-pinkie) and then did all of the same exercises in the HLBM from yesterday – the open string ones, including the rearrangement that dawned on me, and the E string exercises.

Afterward, I pushed ahead and added sharps and flats to the E string and then went on to the A string ones. I noticed two interesting things. The first is that my ears remember all of these exercises, so when my hands or head mess up with what note I play, my ears know it from how its supposed to sound. That’s interesting to me because of stuff that I read years ago about how we don’t truly forget anything – every experience we ever have, every memory, is locked away in our heads and can resurface under the right circumstances.

The 2nd thing is that the opening for The Unforgiven, from Metallica, starts on A. All of the notes in it are ones that I used in exercises from these E and A string lessons, except for one: an E on the D-string. If you’re interested in puzzling it out, it uses A-B-C from the A string, an E from the D string and a G# from the E string. Its all in the first 4 frets of those strings. I haven’t thought of that song in years.

Ok. I’m still awake, so I’m diving back in.


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