A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

Online Coursera & Yale music theory classes

Back in February, I started a free online class at Coursera called Developing Your Musicianship. I had mixed feelings about the thoroughness of the material, but did learn some things by going through it. Its something that a person with no musical background (such as myself) should consider, as there’s no monetary investment and it offers exposure to musical concepts that are somewhat easier to see demonstrated than read about.

Since then, work has become unstable and I’ve not done much with my bass. Recently, I started looking at material again, and since we have a 3-day weekend coming, starting tomorrow, I plan on resuming practice to the best of my ability. I’m still working a little on Saturday though, because we do have things that need getting done. ICD-10 launches at the beginning of October…

Anyway, at the end of March, I mentioned that I had grabbed some other material from Coursera. I’m going to begin going through them. I loaded them onto the tablet last night and started watching some of it. The first is from a 5-week class called Fundamentals of Music Theory. Its from the University of Edinburgh’s Reid School of Music and appears to be much more thorough than the DYM class I took.

Once I’m through with that, I’ve also come across a very comprehensive set of videos on Youtube from Yale about music theory. They’re around 22-23 sessions long, and each video clocks in at about 45-50 mins. Its really amazing to me that so much material is being produced for public consumption. Now, its just a matter of time and practice.

music_mind_1Here’s a link to the playlist for the Yale series. When I make it through this Coursera set, I’ll blab about that as well. It’ll be interesting, to me, to be able to compare the 2 Coursera classes with the Yale one, which seems to differ from them in that it explores music history alongside theory – focusing on Western classical music, I think.

This makes me wonder if there are publicly available or free video classes about music theory, history or traditions from non-Western cultures out there… its something to look for later.


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