A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

Bass Tone Rows with Mike Overly

So last week I posted up Scott Devine’s Groove Grid Concept video. It shows how to take a bar of music, count out beats and assign notes to some of them to quickly create repeating patterns and easily write bass grooves.

The idea is similar to videos from Anthony Wellington and Scott Whitley that I saw before Scott’s. After I posted, Mike Overly of 12tonemusic shared a great video on the Bass Blogs Facebook group that illustrates his idea of Bass Tone Rows, which are essentially the same concept.

As I mentioned to Mike, his is the perfect companion to Scott Devine’s video. It showcases tons of basslines that fit right into the grid. Give the above videos the once-over if you haven’t seen them yet, and then watch Mike work his magic. He runs through a bunch of great basslines that can be mapped out using the groove grid.

Bass Tone Rows with Mike Overly

After watching this, I realized how great the concept is for practicing certain music theory concepts. For example, if you’re working on arpeggios or chords, its a great idea to map out some simple patterns via the groove grid and then pick notes from whatever you’re practicing to play over the pattern. The pattern tells you what beat to play each note on, and then you just play that note to whatever duration sounds good.


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