A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

Personality Studies Show the Difference Between People Who Play Music and Everyone Else

theory-of-personalityHere’s a fascinating article dealing with findings about musicians’ brains. It deals with personality traits, aptitudes, creativity and a lot more. There are comparisons with the general populace and with other types of artists and musicians – especially with visual artists. Links throughout the article provide a lot of additional supporting info.

Apparently, musicians – especially instrumental musicians – are more open, conscientious and agreeable than non-musicians. I mostly agree with that (is that being agreeable?!). Regarding music and expression in general, when reading various music forums and even listening to people when I’m outside or at shows, I notice that those who don’t play instruments tend to vocalize more critical opinions about what they’re hearing than those who do play one. Instrumentalists tend to observe more, and their criticisms are generally in comparison to their own experiences. I often wonder if they’re imagining themselves playing along with what they’re hearing, which is something I do all the time. I unconsciously tap out rhythms and keep time whenever I’m listening to something.

Anyway – give the article a look. The concept of “bold introvert” is new to me, much like the ambivert was, from something else I was reading.


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