A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

Gene loves Lemmy

This is just a brief update since I’ve been AWOL a lot since June.

Its been around 2 1/2 months since I last practiced, I think. Its really bothering me. I think it’ll pass in the next few weeks though. I’m almost ready to start the tech support company that I’ve been working on. This coming Sunday is the 3-year anniversary of when my boss passed from melanoma. Two weeks after that is the baby’s 3rd birthday. So, sometime in the next 2 weeks, I’m going to register a business and go for it. Its a fitting month for both beginnings and endings.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m not going to complete the CompTIA certifications at the end of the month, but I’m still going to get it done this year – my aim is around October. There’s just too much to do and my head can only handle so much before I lose focus and quality – its a lot like practicing bass, I think, except that my threshold and enthusiasm is higher for that.

So, this AM, the wife messaged me to tell me how much she digs Motorhead. Somewhere along the line, I turned her stomach with the thought of what it would look like to have Gene Simmons from KISS snake his tongue around Lemmy‘s infamous facial appendages. That may or may not count as bass porn. While on hold during a client call, I smashed together a Valentine of the two. Someday, Gene will see it and sue me for it.. Lemmy won’t care because he doesn’t want to live forever.

Lemmy & Gene

Anyway, I hope the rest of you have been practicing, gigging and making progress while I’ve been sidelined. I’ve read some bass-related stuff on FB that I need to make time and post up. I also have like 100 strange bass pics to post up. I’ll try and push one out tomorrow, since I generally hold those for Fridays.

Oh, and we’re gonna get those drums for the baby at the end of the month.


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